Skinny French guy from Los Feliz 

jambon de Paris, cheese blend, sunny-side-up egg


Bearded guy from Silverlake

creamed fresh spinach, fried onions and fresh goat cheese


Hog in a sheet

bratwurst, cheese blend* and caramelized onions rolled in a crepe and topped with dijon mustard sauce


Fixie rider from arts district

melted brie, toasted pine nuts and roasted grapes topped with a drizzle of habanero infused honey


Dread-locked old-school surfer dude from Venice

sautéed mushrooms and blue cheese topped with crispy bacon



Hiking actress from Beachwood canyon

double crepe with salted butter and maple syrup


Hippy girl from Topanga

smashed avocado topped with pickled radish and sprouted grains


Ex-black flag roadie from the South Bay

scrambled eggs, diced ham, sautéed onions and peppers topped with cheddar


The techie kid from Playa Vista

Canadian bacon and 2 eggs topped with hollandaise sauce


Elaborately tattooed yoga girl from Atwater Village

homemade orange marmalade on a bed of fresh ricotta



Choose from our range of homemade toppings (salted caramel sauce, Valrhona chocolate sauce, seasonal fruit confiture) to design your own delicious crepes.